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reducing kept the defense are going to auntie once he was cool design for the middle of it it is related to cincinnati basically the argument that mr the stories mistakenly believed at that time he was acting unlawfully acting reasonably against what he said. he believed that on walls in intrigue and now there was anyone on a witness in the room. i'm not exhausted the stories himself to a key aspect of the space could be if he takes the stand to testify in various legal precedents in south africa on to lead many to believe that it is likely that the wheel in the course is that the next three weeks of sight i'd take to the stand and testified he'll match it's been going to be down very much seen the forensics on to try to paint a picture in the absence all on with the seaside treat awful things like phone records. we understand that investigations of any just got back from the nineteen states with a claim of reportedly two of our main critiques one of mistrust of the story says funds they could be key to find out what exactly was all my sons intensified recorded message freckles and a kin
. it was in the battle of the and the defense minister is this book to book the president of the primates. but the reason she too was kindly the supreme council of the un force its way onto the last hours. no one knew who is in its defense. we went to the to be known only to linger. he uses his continuation as defense minister should call him by his presidential bid. it's his decision to resign would have assured the that you run twenty ministers continue their positions from the previous cabinet for a bit irresponsible for two different ministries each the london at eleven today these meanings from the government has made his decision. all those who will cope with pain in the government and was getting foreign minister as a means to be christian to me it was responsible for many of mormon his housing ministry. to be a big problem with him because the people i know. no improvement from last week. just yesterday of the cabinet held a meeting with the interim president it might be the shortest cabinet to tickle for egypt as it could be sacked once the new president is elected in three months. ours had reje
on as well so it's a work of immediate self defense but timely an awesome bead sets up in crime in the crimea they would have access to some very advanced equipment also these reports as well all the minutes the base of the tree and fields near the southern ports also boasts awful being seized items ukraine's interior minister saying that he considers got them all making station via russia opening so how will it end this situation the facts the already tense situation and in ukraine. what is difficult to see how it could help the tensions that we saw seen recently white suits and some sorrowful a protest with the crimean talks on someone's site supporting kiev ukraine. i'm pro russian groups. having classes as well as a protest here in the crimean capital city is running very high amongst those groups of crimea has been majority population of ethnic russians but also about a quarter of the population of the ukrainian and about twelve percent of ethnic talks up to their list of potential that for an exclusive mix of when. when these questions of bush also what the status of crimea will be up w
but to teach the house. the next game she says that the defense present a prisoner's head is essential for maintaining security. parkinson there and that now we're into thailand and b can take a deputy prime minister and foreign minister sir opponent of a tight charcoal has proposed inviting united nations to help the country was sold its current political crisis so called cope with the un secretary general ban ki moon on wednesday morning to discuss possible ways out of the crisis he said the un might be the most visible body to media a peaceful talks between the opposing sides. here's the thai people to be open minded and not to think of it as foreign intervention. on wednesday anti government protest is from various rallies scientists gathered outside the national police headquarters in bangkok. they demanding justice for five people including four children who were killed and two separate attacks over the weekend. at least twenty people have been killed since protests to overthrow the government of being auctioned a lot began in november last year. us president barack obama has bee
in crimea house being on expressing openly pro russian view was and i have been forming self defense units to protect them and to protect the entrance to the cds this picture so this situation than in the state's hands and of course the tension of the building not that into it daria of those experts even speaking to a given the increasing tensions in the russia majority crimea peninsula. from what i've been talking to you how likely is a numbing this is the question is of people wondering how likely is it that russia will take action well they say that it isn't like a rational to direct military actions and said boots on the ground according to russian ladies can protect the interests of its citizens on in their countries outside the shop that means they have a russian military including russian military but is patient and calm but are they saying that russia will soak up most likely non elitist human ear this to the sound daft military activists here to read reels of but they said her mother russia is unlikely to withdrawl from that spirit to race and despite the pressure from the canadia
chips once tried to leave the football by russian minesweeper is on monday the russian defense ministry denied that an ultimatum had been issued same day russian troops said to be sixteen thousand strong tightened their grip on crimea. they now control board a post there as well as the mother of three facilities and the ferry terminal. today president anemia person ordered troops to tow cars in the three exercises in central and western russia to return the bikes up to completing their training. for more on this developing a crisis would join via our correspondent roy iraq and that is standing by for us being here. i welcome again riley of the u s secretary of state to joan kerry has left the us to visit you crying has he arrived of course and a can you tell us the latest on the standoff there. and it is supposed to arrive some time at midday it's just past eleven am here so we do expect them here in the coming hours we know that we'll be speaking but to the press about five thirty pm so in about six hours time here and up. according to sources is expected to lay flowers on institutes d
the crimean self defense units and the regular ukrainian army and is on a diet reports from moscow britain insists that the russian army's actions were justified. press conference on tuesday russian president biden who has said russia would not recognize the new government of the cray because it was elected under what's called the conditions of terror. he said because he's into presidents parliament speaker was under two channels was not a legitimate president in the list of changes counties dvd in ukraine. but that should be done only in the need to slip away. within the framework of the current constitution in all my over riding. i knew that the eu the pope insisted that his decision to send additional troops to pray and follow that rule from the printed page. russia considers legitimate preston's and the bus and decided to respond. they use can we conclude that if we see lawlessness county in eastern regions of the people. this however we have already an official request from the current legitimate president. we reserve the right cues all options and our disposal to protect those citize
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7